We present a catalogue of galaxies for which spatially resolved data on their internal kinematics have been published; there is no apriori restriction regarding their morphological type. The catalogue lists the references to the articles where the data are published, as well as a coded description of these data: observed emission (E) or absorption (A) data, optical (O) or radio (R) data, velocity (V) or velocity dispersion (D), radial profile (1) or 2D field (2). The present catalogue is the updated version of the catalogue which was published in Astron.Aph.Suppl.Ser...1998..V 127..P.117. Tables are available via http:/ Note: the new data were added but not sorted by names of galaxies. The coded description of the observations and the coding of the spectral lines may also be found there. Addition are ordered by their names (not coordinates). The letter 'C' (which is anbsent in the Main catalogue) labels the papers where the velocity data are compiled from other sources or compared with the model data.

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